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Our experienced and professional lending manager suggests the most suitable product for our clients basing on their backgrounds and needs. We provide FREE services to you no matter you are a first home buyer, property investor or home constructors. You will get your loan granted in the shortest period from us.


Application procedures for home loan in Australia

Step 1: Communicate with broker, elaborating your backgrounds and needs.

Step 2: Confirming you borrowing capacity. Select the most suitable loan product and bank.

Step 3: Documents collection. Submit to the bank and wait for conditional approval.

Step 4: Information verification from bank.

Step 5: Property valuation from bank. Evaluator reports to the bank.

Step 6: Unconditional approval. Signing loan documents.

Step 7: Confirming settlement between the bank and your solicitor. Effective home loan.


Documents for application of home loan in Australia (Owner Occupied/Investment)

Identity: Government ID (Passport, Photo ID, Driver License, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Medical Card)

Salary: Salary slip, employment letter Self-employed: tax form, tax clearance certificate

Rental income: Lease agreement or rental appraisal letter

Asset: Bank deposit Liability: Loan account, Credit card, Personal loan, car loan, student loan

Property: purchase contract, information of solicitor and property transfer information

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